Hey there, I’m Carrie Bernans. I’m an actress, martial artists, stuntwoman, former division 1 athlete turned pro-athlete, voice over artists, & influencer. Oh and I speak 6 languages. So 你好, привет, que pasa, sveiki, & bonjour.


Maximizing the ABCs of Life at Full Flame, Carrie Bernans is “DEFGDefining Emmy-Excellence as a Futuristic-Global force, a captivating role model, and philanthropist! 

Carrie recently wrapped Marvel's phenomenal Black Panther as a Dora Milije warrior fighting for #Wakanda along the side of Black Panther. Carrie, like the Black Panther, “…has a good heart, and [ ] gives us a real hero[ine] —strong and honorable and, when possible, even filled with grace.”


Carrie Bernans was born in Richmond, VA with the magical enthusiasm and talents she is known for and where change became an early yet conquerable constant for her as a little girl. Carrie grew up poor-of-goods and wealthy-of-mind with a single-parent teenage-mother and an early nomadic lifestyle from her birthplace to Panama, Central America, back to Richmond and to the townships along the Eastern U.S. coast. These childhood experience reflexively prepared Carrie for extensive independent traveling and coaching abroad in Shanghai, China, Paris, France, London, England, and Berlin, Germany.


“The True Measure of Leadership Is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less.”


Carrie is a multi-level, frequently solicited public speaking practitioner, workshop facilitator, and brand strategist. She is further differentiated by her language fluency. Therefore, be careful where you are and what language you are speaking, because Carrie masters the speaking, writing, and understanding of principal languages for global exchanges and story-telling, to wit: Spanish, Latvian, Mandarin Chinese, French, English, and Russian speaking since her late teens and early adult years from immersion in these countries and the friendships/relationships she’s built internationally. Carrie has also been featured in and alongside campaigns with Nike, Ford, Puma, Nautical, The FabLife, LAFW, MeUndies, and more. Many popular shows on networks like BET, VH1, MTV, ABC, FOX, Netflix and others have been graced with her work too. Carrie is also an associate producer on the television series, 'Should I Do I?"


Having thought of herself as the black girl, James Bond, and after years of studying Theater, Economics, and International dealings in college, Carrie performed in plays, dance recitals, Fortune 500 internships, and competed in track and field. (Carrie networked and trained even as a high school student with real investment bankers and accountants her mentors to do Merger & Acquisition simulations on the Vanderbilt, Emory, and Columbia University campuses.) She went on to run track at her Alma Mater, the University of Memphis, in Tennessee, home away from home for her. (Carrie is the featured alumnae in the May 2018 University of Memphis Magazine.) However, once facing a serious running injury, Carrie decided to leave the plans for the Olympics behind. That is when she left track, and took off studying and coaching abroad around the world for about 1.5 years. Her focus was/is the passion for solving youth homelessness, reading and financial literacy, and communication/self-esteem building among youth. More of Carrie’s published works include her as a model in magazines, and featured articles in over 40+ publications, including FastCompany, and Marvel Universe. 


To me, the glass is always half full, never half empty.


Carrie’s philanthropy and service include the 2014 Rotary International District 6800 Conference’s Rotaract presentation she created, which caused a 1st time-ever standing ovation – an early-on rehearsal for what she now commands and has become - one of the most versatile actors of her day and age in Hollywood. Carrie is an action actor who still trains like an Olympian in martial arts, stunts, and body movement in addition to theater – on track to become your next favorite voice on animation film!

Carrie Bernans took the quantum leap with her acting career by quitting jobs in the corporate world (including a prospecting call from GOOGLE, her then dream job) that didn't really fulfill her passion and purpose in life and moved to LA in Feb. 2016. It's proven to be one of her greatest decisions thus far. Carrie also appears in Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 and she's writing and working on more projects. The capstone of her business career is to own a multi-million-dollar international brand and to achieve many levels of success in her acting career. Carrie serves on the board of directors for 5for5, Literacy to Success, and Youth About Business.

One Day or Day One. You Choose.


Much love,